Hyden WWTP Embankment Repair

Hyden, Western Australia
Aug 2019 - Mar 2020


The Hyden WCORP WWTP Project provides the town of Hyden and surrounding agricultural areas additional capacity to cater for current and future wastewater volumes.

Benang has committed to delivering construction solutions for this Project to support WCORP WA in providing efficient and safe wastewater facility for all residential and commercial infrastructure that supports economic and regional developments for the WA community.

The Project Works include all investigation, design validation and earthworks required to re-construct two additional dams increasing the capacity of the plant by 900,000 l of effluent storage. Construction activities performed included reshaping of the 1:3m embankment, compaction, and installation of Miracell erosion control solution (10,000m²).

Peak Personnel: 12
ATSI participation: 60%
No Lost Time Injuries
No Environmental Incidents
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