Our Team Is Growing

Benang is delighted to announce that our team is growing.

Alastar Harp has joined our Plumbing Team this month as our new Plumbing Supervisor. Please join me in welcoming our new team member and make sure to stop by their workspaces to introduce yourselves!

Best regards,

Jas Kadic
Director, Aboriginal Engagement & Outcomes


Alastar’s story:

Hello, my name is Alastar Harp I am a Nyoongar man, my family line includes Balardong and Whadjuk. My history as I know it is of my father and nanna teaching, not only us but anyone who would listen to our culture, this includes two books and avid programs in schools from long drives out to the country and even the next suburb over.

In my short 30 years, I’ve seen the change in our community as a large, we are all lucky to have such opportunities and open-mindedness when speaking about our heritage. I thank my father greatly for what he was able to do in breaking down walls. This truly shows in the next generations.

I’m hoping I can continue this and possibly achieve more with my family by my side within the corporate world.

As my cv suggests I get a thrill out of pushing myself into new areas, at the same time using what I’ve learned from past jobs to excel in new fields. Having the confidence to step out into new fields to achieve more is not only exciting but being able to look back and be proud of your work is profound. That is what we will achieve in Benang.

I am a father now, not only do I want to give everything my dad gave us, from a roof over my family heads, food on the table, big arms to hug but most of all I want to continue the pride, with heads, held high.