Tannia Juwana (Etno Busana Karya)

tannia tannia


Etno Busana Karya was found in 2013 by Iwan Amir, Indonesia’s emerging fashion designer who constantly contributes to Indonesia’s fashion scene. The company is a partnership initiative between Iwan Amir and Nenden HJ with the purpose of conserving Indonesian heritage while introducing it to the global market through fashion. Etno Busana Karya carries several brands that cater to different target markets: Badui’s Project for womenswear, Fadh II for menswear, OTA targeted specifically for young women, Maisya for moslemwear, and IWAN AMIR for dedicated fashion enthusiast.


Visit etnobusanakarya.com for more info or for business inquiries please contact Tannia Juwana at tanniameisa@gmail.com.