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REBORN29 is a modest wear with a new concept by mix and match the articles to form one outfit. The strength of this concept makes this modest product universal. It can be worn not only by hijab woman, but also by any woman. In addition, another special feature of this product is that with only six items, you can have10 -12 different looks/style. REBORN29 style is a classic elegant mix with arty off beat and have a sporty element, which make this a classic fashion, which never goes out of style. When you wear this outfit you will forget your age, according to the motto of the product “reborn your style”

The designer of REBORN29, Syukriah Rusydi came from Aceh, a place in Indonesia synonymous with civil war, sharia law and the worst tsunami known to humankind. Established in 2008, we hire and train local labor, i.e. tailoring graduates from school set up by international assistance for the victims of the conflict and the tsunami. REBORN29 is committed to helping the people of Aceh, especially the younger generation by providing economic opportunities, employment and fair wages. Moreover, we will continue to do so with your support.

REBORN29 often made it appearance in local magazine such as NOOR, Khasanah and Paras. We have also participated at Indonesia Fashion Week 2014, Indonesia Fashion Week 2015, Muslim fashion Festival 2016 and Malaysia Fashion Week 2016 and a participant for Australia Short Course Awards – International Readiness in Textile and Fashion.

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