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SOEPSHOP is a Jakarta-based ready-to-wear fashion brand for women and men. The clothes have a style that represents personality and flexibility, an alternative that’s full of dreams. We like to mix and play with cutting to enable our customers to express their personality or mood.

The brand was founded by a husband and wife team. Riyam – the wife – studied fashion design at Esmod Jakarta, and she graduated in June 2006. Riyam received a ‘Special Jury Award’ on her graduation day. She continued her study in Raffles Design Institute Singapore for a one-year bachelor degree of fashion design. So, it’s clear that she’s the designer.

With the love and the support from her husband – Tama –, SOEPSHOP was officially established in May, 2011. Tama has a background in marketing and management. When he is not dealing with the business and production side of SOEPSHOP, Tama teaches Riyam the meaning of love and patience. And those are the fundamental values of the brand.

We tend to keep everything simple, by enjoying the world of SOEPSHOP and by being good. Good refers to good quality, good personality, and good approach. Doing good is good business.

www.soepshop.com  – email us : contact@soepshop.com