Ina Susanto

Roemah Cinta Batik is born out of an Indonesian profound passion for Indonesia’s rich and illustrious heritage, embodied especially in the timeless charm of the world-famous batik fabric. Starting from mere enthusiasts and collectors, her passion instinctively and ultimately evolved into the establishment of Roemah Cinta Batik, a batik clothing brand launched in 2013. Providing ready to wear as well as custom made clothing, every item by Roemah Cinta Batik is produced handmade with the highest craftmanship and aesthetics, to ensure clients’ maximum satisfaction.

As Roemah Cinta Batik continue developing their product and design, in April 2018, they decide to rebrand the Roemah Cinta Batik into RCB. RCB product covers handmade textile with natural dyeing such as Batik, Shibori, Ecoprint and ready to wear

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Whattsapp : +6287780026563

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