Nuri Ningsih Hidayati


Nuri is a young batik artist from Yogya, Indonesia. She started her career as independent Batik artist when she won the awards of Youth Batik Artist, from Indonesian  Batik Foundation.Nuri  has been producing many beautifully elegant products. She made pattern innovations in fabric using Batik Technique and Tritik Natural Dyes.

She always has  deep concern about Indonesian culture and handmade fabric. She has been focusing in Jogjakarta Culture, because the Batik pattern from this area has strong symbolic meaning and history.

According to her, it is important to bring innovations to batik creation. It helps people to be more enthusiast and have interest to the art of batik and to know more about traditional batik.

Nuri’s designs have been exhibited at various events in Jakarta and other place such as Bali, Timor, Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia.She named her business in Batik  as Marenggo Natural Dyes Batik.Marenggo is a kind of plant, that grows in village.Nuri and the team use marenggo leaves for colouring, and this is the reason why they have  something different  for their product.

Nuri’s main mission is to introduce  Marenggo batik, producing in her Village, to regenerate  batik traditions by educating young  Batik artist  or women who stay at home, and to empower them. By buying Marenggo Product, first you also support the enviromental preservation effort. Why? Because they use the natural dyeing which made from leaves, flowers, roots, stems and other natural  ingredients, which grow in the nature at Nuri’s  village.

Secondly her mission is to support the empowerment of young people and stay at home mothers continuously. By buying the batik made from natural dyes, not only you preserve the environment, but also to help the economic side of the villagers who make this beautiful handmade batik. Marenggo Batik also holds natural dyes batik workshops in the studio courtyard.