Nonita Respati

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Raised by her entrepreneur and Javanese culture enthusiast mother and then exposed to the international fashion scene, inspired Nonita to sharpen her skills in fashion design and create her own label, PURANA. PURANA, which means ‘old scripture’ in Sanskrit, was established in 2008, with the commitment to adopt local wisdom, by utilizing artwork made by local artisans and combining them with fashionable cuts, pattern, and color mix.

As the Creative Director, Nonita experiments with traditional batik techniques, hand-weaving, tie-dyeing, modern geometrical motifs, and incorporating paintings into fabric to create unique ready-to-wear pieces that reflect commitment to local artisanship. Our collections are presented in multi-function, multi-style, free-size, and relaxed loose-cuts to provide flexibility for all-shaped active women to be stylish comfortably.