Lenny Agustin

Lenny Agustin Borneo off Beat Collection SS 2016brand Lenny Agustin 4.1

Lenny Agustin always cares about Indonesian culture and handmade fabric artisans, in each and every one of her designs. Lenny uses Indonesian culture as the biggest inspirations along with Indonesian fabrics as the main ingredient. She has come to develop motifs and techniques of fabric making, as well as directly involved in training craftsmen in various regions of Indonesia, and to increase the resale value of their products.
These Fashionable hand embroidery products is the end result of her work, as she has trained 40 women artisans in Pontianak (Kalimantan) in hand embroidery development for a year. Lenny Agustin design have been exhibited at various events in Jakarta and other countries such as France, Singapore, and the United Kingdom.
Her Product received rave reviews, resulting in commissioned orders from established buyers abroad. She has then given custom embroider work orders to those that she trained, in order for them to develop their business. They also pass their knowledge onto the women around them, inviting to join in the venture. Currently, the embroidery artisans are now capable of exhibiting themselves regularly in jakarta.