Tenun Gaya

Tenun Gaya was founded in 2000. We provide contemporary-ethnic design handwoven textile and clothing which carefully handcrafted by women weavers at our own factory in Sukabumi, West Java. The designs are inspired and the re-creation of traditional textile patterns from various regions in Indonesia, from Sumatra to Papua islands.

Some of our works received various achievements from national to international scale, such as UNESCO Award of Excellence for Handicrafts in South-East Asia 2012 for a handwoven shawl with the re-creation of ‘Rang Rang’ pattern that is originated from Nusa Penida, Bali and World Craft Council Award of Excellence for Handicrafts in South-East Asia and South Asia 2014 for two handwoven shawls, one was the re-creation of ‘Tabur Bintang’ pattern originated from West Sumatera and the other one was the re-creation of ‘Ulos Ragidup’ pattern originated from North Sumatra.

Tenun Gaya cooperate with some of Indonesian traditional cloth enthusiats foundations and Local Government in some Indonesia regions to train local weavers. Our contributions in this particular activity had us received achievement from Indonesia government named Upakarti in category of dedication in the development of weaving industry in 2014. The weaving industry that have been developed in Sukabumi, West Java earned us a 4-star One Village One Product Achievement from Ministry of Industry in 2015.

Website: tenungaya.co.id

Instagram: tenungaya

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