Nanida Jenahara Nasution was born in Jakarta. She started her fashion education at Susan Budihardjo Design School in 2004. The daughter of Keenan Nasution and Ida Royani, she started her fashion career in 2011. She notices that there are more modern muslim women who are climbing the ladder of success nowadays, both in their professional and also social life, but still remember to cover themselves physically, according to Islamic beliefs. This encourages her to launch JENAHARA, a practical modest fashion brand best known for its simple cuts and clean lines. As the president of Hijabers Community in Indonesia, Jenahara has become a revered figure in the country’s muslim wear scene.

In 2012, Jenahara launched her premium label called JENAHARA BLACK LABEL. The label is a contemporary modest luxury brand with a mix of elegances and confidences minimalism. The brand’s main inspiration is to push modest fashion into new direction.