Irfania Ramadhani

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IR & IR is a small company who cares about preserving Medan City’s local culture, which is Deli Malay culture. We revitalize and reproduce local cultural products such as, Deli Songket, Pitis Shawl, and soon other Deli Malay’s cultural product. We appreciates traditional weavers by giving commensurate wages with their skill and technical difficulties of Deli Songket production.

        Deli Songket - Tobacco Deli MotifDeli Weaveristana maimun

IR & IR produces & sells Songket Deli Malay, a traditionally handwoven fabric with hiqh quality materials. Songket Deli designed with particular motifs from Deli Land, such as Deli Tobacco Leaf, Deli Tobacco Flower, Maimoon Palace, etc. We accepts exclusive and special order for wedding, uniform or personal request according to your need and tastes. By using our product, you are contribute to preserving traditional weavers and Malay Deli’s culture.