Frans Pandjaitan


Frans is a multidisciplinary designer for Batik Fractal Indonesia. He always keen on to push his creativity and curiousity through numerous media and technique, from fashion to painting, from watercolor to fiber. As a team in Batik Fractal, they infuse technology to the traditional Batik Craftsmanship.

Batik Fractal is a research, technology and design company that makes Batik Pattern using our own software, jBatik that uses mathematical fractal formulation based on traditional Indonesia Batik Pattern. In a digital format, Batik Fractal pattern had been applied in a numerous medium and technique, from traditional hand-written Batik to cutting edge 3-D printing, from fashion product to car exterior.

Being a young and innovative group, they always push themselves to the edge of creativity and eager to clash collaboration between completely different field to come up with unexpected mesmerized innovation.