Dewi Praptiwi

One of the task of Ministry Cooperatives and SMEs is formulate government policy in the field of fostering Cooperatives and Small and Medium Business. Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs create the program of Bussiness Development Services to scale up SMEs bussiness

Warbis Prama is a non profit organization,one of Bussiness Development Services for SMEs, based in Ministry of Cooperative and SMEs Indonesia, Jakarta


Become a partner SMEs that professionals in the field of business development and competitive SMEs


1. Nurture and develop the creative industry SMES in the region of Jakarta and surrounding areas
2. Facilitate the development of SMEs through training and mentoring programs, marketing, access to capital access, access to technology and business information services

The Programme in Fashion sector creative industries are :

a. Training for Fashion Tren Forecasting

b. Training for Canvasing Fashion Labels

c. Training Fashion Sector, Branding Your Identity