Deny Sylvie Novia

1719 means “first love never die”.. when you love, you have to defend it.

1719 is dedicated for my first love in my childhood. With dream I found it again when I was 17 and he was 19. We made a commitment when there where 2 different world. Help each other when ones was lack. Making business together and family. Shower each other for our next generation.

Love is like work. When we decide to work or to make activity, we have to love it, defend it, preserve it, maintain it, make it different and valuable. Give love to other by giving things you can do. Your life and work will be full with blessing.



ecoprint linda 5

1719 was established at 2011. The brand bring natural fashion from natural material such bamboo fiber weaving cotton, cotton, silk with natural colour.

In 2016, we developed new color and pattern use leaves, flowers, herbs, barks called ecoprint.

Since 2011, we have joined some exhibition from region, national and international exhibition (Paris and Hongkong).



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