Aldila Dipamela

IMG_20170320_150823ABOUT RYLA

Who we are

Ryla is a private company established in 2010. At the begining, Ryla is engaged in fashion especially women’s clothing.

As time goes by, innovation is obviously needed to stand still in the creative industries.  Therefore, in 2011 Ryla start to distribute crochetwork product that is made manually with combining signature craft of Tasikmalaya to be a unique and original products.

The developed creativity with innovated products has made Ryla presisted until today without deacreasing any crochetwork characteristics.

We help local people by providing jobs and developing their potential as well as introducing the crochetwork characteristic to the foreign contries. Unique packaging  products is Ryla’s main core in survive and thrive in the creative industries.

Ryla’s Vision and Mission

Vision :

To be a company who can produce the biggest handmade crochetwork in Indonesia by 2020 and in the world by 2030

Mission :

  • Developing creativity and quality of the products
  • Increasing brand awareness by designing and advertising

Company grow up (Company’s Development)

2010   : Ryla was formed

2012   : Producing crochet kelom geulis and expanding Ryla’s signature crochetwork products. Start exporting Ryla’s product t the world. The winner of West Java’s WMM.

2014   : The development of kelom geulis and crochet bag rised significantly.

2015   : Runner up of West Java’s WMP. Launching Ryla’s sisterbrand, Gluckbag.

2016   : Runner up of WMP national level. Miles to go.


Company Staffs

Position : CEO

Name : Aldila dipamela

Location : Tasikmlaya

Duties and Responsibilities : Responsible of all bussiness activities and the decision maker

Production Supervisor : Managing the input ad output process of raw materials, semi-finished materials, and ready-to-sell product

Quality Controller Kelom and Packaging : Checking the input and output process of raw materials, then curating the ready-to-sell product

Financial Center : Financial reporting and administrative cash flow process

Name : (has exixted)

Content Creative : Ryla and Gluckbag’s graphic designer

General Manager : Create the marketing strategy both online and offline, and responsible in the input and output process.

Markom : Looking for the customers in accordance with the marketing strategy both online and offline.

Sales admin and cust. Sevice : Answering any question of the customers and sales following-up

Operational : Operational office, maintaining office’s clealiness and tidiness, and become the company’s runer.

RYLA’s Product

  • Crochet bag
  • Crochet kelom

Production process

Ryla Indonesia production process is carried out by the local people craftsmen. Ryla’s crochetwork is produced manually without using machine (handmade).

Rajutan : crochetwork

Benang Rajut : crochet yarn

Laporan keuangan : financial report

Laporan penjualan : sales report

Kantor Jakarta : Jakarta Office

Gudang dan kantor : warehouse and office

Kain : fabrick

Pengajin tas : bag craftsman

Benang rajutan, aksesoris : Knitting yarn, accessorice

Pejualan : sales

Stage 1 Input : Production Planning, raw materials equirements and raw materials ordering.

Stage 2 Process : Production process which is controlled and curated by QC

Stage 3 Output : Production output is treatedby the Creative Division and ready to be marketing through 4 Distribution Canal.

Marketing Process

Awarness : awareness enhancement through social media.

Government approaching by CSR Program

Potential Customer : Prospecting agents and resseller both domestic and foreign countries.

CSR program training and community formation.

Conversion : Royal Customer following-up

Conversion sales enhancement through festival and partnership

Social Impacts

Conserving the local culture especially Tasikmalaya, so that it will be known by many people even by foreign countries. In the production process, Ryla embraces the homeless by providing a training in order to develop and explore their exisiting potential.

Beside reducing the unemployment rate, Ryla is also gradually reducing the poverty rarte in the society.